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June 17, 2012 / jeroencoenders

Welcome to NetworkedDesign!

Hi! Welcome to this blog on NetworkedDesign!

NetworkedDesign is a digital infrastructure for computational design that I proposed during my PhD work at Delft University of Technology. My work contained images from a Windows-based system 1) that I developed that demonstrated some of the concepts behind NetworkedDesign.

Many people asked many times what that system was and if I would release it to others in the future. Until now, my answer usually was that I was still thinking about it.

Now, the answer has changed and is that I will release a version soon (soon could actually turn out to be a couple of years I must note): I will work to refactor the code so that it becomes more usable by others and will most probably release it as a system you can use freely as-is (which means that if you break anything, you are on your own 😉 ). In the meanwhile I will try to provide explanations on this blog on the different features of the system.

If you are interested in the developments, keep following this blog.


1) Please note that there is a difference between the system I will be releasing and the infrastructure. You are free to develop your own implementation of the concepts in the infrastructure.

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